Hydrogen comes in all colors – we do it all

Nikkiso’s broad and deep experience with cryogenics equipment and technology help our customers to get ahead. We are equipment providers independent from the molecule, here to adapt decades of expertise to a wide range of hydrogen project challenges.

Our expertise

Liquid or gas – we can handle it in any physical state

Hydrogen is well known to have significant potential for clean energy use, but as the lightest molecule with a high escape rate, it can be a bit tricky to work with.

Nikkiso customers can purchase hydrogen equipment a la carte or as part of an integrated system depending on their unique requirements.

We also offer Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) capabilities and turnkey solutions in-house as well as full aftermarket and services support for our own and other OEM equipment.

Our products help customers reduce their CO2 emissions profile and support a healthier and cleaner environment

Hydrogen bus. Refueling and Hydrogen fueling station in Korea
Model of a Hydrogen fueling station

Our hydrogen offer

Our pumps, liquefaction systems (including expanders for hydrogen), skids, ambient vaporizers, dispensers, storage tanks, cooling systems and control panels can be used together or apart.

Common applications:

– Fueling stations 
– Import/export terminals 
– Hydrogen production
– Bunkering 
– Power generation 
– Boil-off gas


Hydrogen news