Onsite Gas Generation Plants

Nikkiso Cosmodyne has your solution for onsite / self-generation of industrial gasses for end users, industrial gas companies and utility providers.  We have both modular Pre-Engineered Solutions as well as Customer Specified Solutions whereby, we modify an existing modular solution to your requirements or develop a specific customized solution.  The following solutions are generally based on gaseous products.  Cosmodyne also has a full array of liquid industrial gas production plants.  Many of the liquid production solutions can be modified to produce some gaseous products.  Please contact us with your needs such that we can develop a complete solution for your requirements.

Our portfolio of ISO certified modular solutions (both Pre-Engineered and Customer Specified) is easily installed, consisting of as few as three prefabricated and fully tested and instrumented skids.  It allows for efficient deployment, optimized layouts, and adaptability to individual requirements. ASU reliability is targeted at 99+ percent on-streams and when combined with a liquid storage back-up system (also available through Cosmodyne) can approach a 100 percent overall availability.  All subcomponent equipment is sourced from industry leading supplier both contributing to high reliability and maintainability.

Cosmodyne’s engineering and design centers are located in the United States, South Africa, and India.

Ongoing services are available both through Cosmodyne and our sister company, Nikkiso Cryogenic Services, with eleven facilities globally.