The Cryogenic Sampler is the first and most successful design of its kind capable to receive, vaporize, contain and transport a sample of cryogenic gas for laboratory analysis, received patent number: 3,123,982 on March 10th of 1964. The shielded cup sampling method prevents contaminant concentration in the sample and permits an accurate analysis of the supply source purity.

The Cryogenic Sampler is suitable for Argon, Oxygen, Nitrogen and LNG (liquefied natural gas). The Sampler unit is equipped with a burst disc and pressure gauge and a case that requires no over-packing for shipment.

The Cryogenic Sampler is shipped certified CLEAN FOR OXYGEN SERVICE and may be put in service immediately without pre-cleaning.

The Cryogenic Sampler comes in two options a standard case; the second option is a case that is ATA-300 Cat. 1 and DOT31-FP certified.


  • Laboratory analysis of the purity of the cryogen

Nikkiso Cryoquip – LNG Brochure