Nikkiso Cryoquip manufactures a comprehensive range of vaporizers for the industrial gas, LNG and petrochemical industries. Our Vaporizer line includes a wide range of products such as: Ambient, Electric, Water Bath, Shell and Tube and well service Vaporizers.

Ambient air vaporizers use the relative “heat” of the atmosphere to derive the energy necessary for the vaporization of the liquid cryogen. Ambient vaporizers represent the most cost effective equipment to vaporize or re-gasify liquid cryogens.

Electric cryogen vaporizers utilize high quality electric heating elements and stainless steel heat exchanger tubes.

Water bath vaporizers for high volume vaporization and regasification of industrial gases and LNG. Energy sources utilized are hydrocarbon fuels of all types, except diesel, natural gas, steam, electricity and externally sourced hot water Shell and tube direct contact vaporizers for high and low pressure vaporization and regasification of industrial gases and LNG. Energy sources utilized are Steam, and externally sourced Hot Water.

Ambient Air Vaporizers

HAI, VAI, WSV units; all manufactured using the patented unique spar link plate design

  • Natural draft
  • Forced draft
  • Fan Assisted
  • Uniflo
  • High-pressure
  • Semiconductor

Process Vaporizers

High-performance, direct fired units; spiral wound units for LNG

  • Water Bath
  • Shell and Tube
  • Well Services

Electric Vaporizers, Super Heaters and CO2 Vaporizers


  • Well service equipment
  • Fuel supply for remote power generation
  • On and off road vehicle fueling
  • Vessel pressure building
  • Send out stations for terminal regasification
  • Peak shaving for plants
  • Temporary gas pipeline supply in the event of emergency or scheduled shutdowns
  • Other process applications for continuous or temporary service

Nikkiso Cryoquip LNG – Heat Exchanger Systems Brochure